A Clown Car with an Afterburner.
«Continuously spreading or increasing in severity»


Private Circus is now selling a limited edition version of our album, with the hopes that sales will support the production of a larger run. These 50 copies will be held unique, and are numbered. When we produce the regular run, it will likely have different art, and won't be numbered.

The cost is a stunningly low $10, plus shipping and handling. S+H will be computed when we know where the package is going to. We accept PayPal and money orders. We'll accept a personal check with the caveat that it will take longer to ship, because your check must clear first, and that can take a while.

Send email to pcsales at privatecircus.com

(For those who have always wondered, handling is the combination of the cost of the padded envelope, and a a small amount of money for the person doing the packaging and taking the packages to the post office.)

Otto Bass playing kinda guy, Berklee Grad. Pathetic Red Sox fan, goes for old cars, boats without motors. Also sings. Good carpenter. Making himself a new bass, with way too many strings.
Hacksaw Logo Rhythm Administrator. Used to bang his head on the head board of his crib, rhythmicly. Computer flogger, writer. Currently learning Pro-Tools, and delving into the fine art of compression. Also working on an album of hand drumming for trancing.
Jerfo Guitar Torturer. Wow. Plays a lot of other instruments. Jerfo is known to make music all by his lonesome self. Jerfo also flogs computers.

Our music is somewhat eclectic, and ranges from instrumentals, to songs about relationships, trees, deluded clowns, and obsessive cookie selling girl scouts. It is certainly dynamic (i.e. sometimes loud, and sometimes quiet), and we hope, fun. On a suggestion from Hacksaw's friend and ocassional writing partner Mark Ensley, we have dubbed our style to be Progressing. We're not really progressive, since that has taken on a particular feel (think Yes), not unlike the literary term Modern. But those who like progressive music would probably like a lot of our songs. So would fans of alternative, jazz, and others. Those wishing to classify us need to know that listening to one song is not nearly enough data, and 5 or 6 might barely provide a good picture.

None of it could be call mellow. There are no ballads. There are songs that could be called: pop, jazz, metal, fusion, funk, and just plain novel. Those who have heard it have a hard time describing it as well, but they all claim to have had a good time.

Our influences range from Miles Davis, James Brown, Bootsy!, King Crimson, Yes, Fishbone, The Time, Led Zep, Jethro Tull, Devo, Elvis Costello, Jim Carroll, Henry Rollins, Ministry, Rush, Bill Bruford, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Primus, Husker Du, Stravinsky.

O.K. maybe also Talking Heads. Probably Others. But not the Doors, damnit!

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